A mobile friendly site doesn't mean it just fits the screen, it is designed to respond specifically to the smaller screen size.

A mobile friendly site doesn't mean it just fits the screen, it is designed to respond specifically to the smaller screen size.

Is your site invisible?

The saying "Google it" is embedded in our culture's dialogue, a gesture to the importance of any Google Search. But did you know that if your website is not mobile-friendly your search ranking will be greatly impacted? Google Search has expanded to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This new policy is designed to find relevant, high quality search results optimized for each user's device. Google now penalizes sites that have not been re-designed, pushing them lower in the rankings as the company not only favors mobile-friendly sites in search rankings, but also loads mobile sites faster. Without a mobile-friendly website, you are essentially invisible in a search, meaning you will lose valuable business.  

Not only will Google penalize you in the search rankings if your website is not mobile-friendly, your potential customers will too. It is estimated that 30% of consumers won't finalize their purchase if shopping cart isn't mobile optimized. These numbers don't even account for users trying to look up your business for validation, accessing contact information, directions, or to compare you to a competitor. When your mobile website fits the needs and the behaviors of your customer, both you and the customer will end up with greater satisfaction. 

Fortunately, simply redesigning a responsive mobile-ready website will allow your site to be ranked higher in a Google Search and increase engagement with your audience. All of the websites we design here at Fin Media Company are fully responsive—working seamlessly across all devices and platforms. We create websites that ensure readability and an intuitive user interface, guaranteeing greater audience engagement and a higher likelihood of purchases and inquiries. We promise your site will be visible, and this is a very good thing. 


One Website, All Devices


As mentioned above, a responsive website is a necessity in today's market. Google has discovered that close to 60% of consumers visit a company's mobile site during the buying cycle (whether online or offline). Without an effective and user friendly mobile site, you are undoubtedly missing customers. Your audience in on mobile so you need to make sure you are in the game too. 

Confused about what a responsive website even means? It is defined as a website that is designed to respond to whatever device someone is using, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. A properly designed modern website is able to be viewed uniquely on any device regardless of its screen size. And as you learned above, it's not just your customers looking, but also Google checking to see if you are relevant enough to display in its searches. 

All of our websites are designed and developed using the latest in responsive design so your customers, clients, or users are always able to see your online brand on any device they are using. Talk with someone today to see if your website is a good fit, and hear how easy it can be to get noticed online.