Your organization deserves a better website.

Fin Media Co. specializes in taking your existing website and re-creating it into a modern and beautiful site that works across all devices.

We are a web design and development studio that creates clean custom websites and digital brands for businesses and nonprofits everywhere. 

We strive to make the entire process easy and enjoyable for you, while giving you the very best technology has to offer. Your project manager also serves as your art director and will walk you through each step of the process along with our talented design and web development teams.

Our 360° creative solution focuses on the art of storytelling with rich content and inviting online experiences, social media, community engagement, campaigns, and your general online presence.  

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(Space is limited. We only work with 2-3 organizations at any given time.)

Fin Media Co. specializes in taking your exsisting website and re-creating it into a modern and beautiful site that works across all devices.

Fin Media Co. helps work with you through an easy 3 step process:

  1. Design
    The design process is creative and fun. We help give you suggestions and pick from a number of possible website designs. Once we've chosen just the right general look and feel, its time to start customizing it just for you. 
  2. Development
    Development is where we make your life easy. Using your approved website design our expert team sets up all the foundational technology, hosting, domains, email, marketing, customized code, analytics, and the creation of any needed accounts. Once we are done, we just let you know.
  3. Content
    Here is where your site comes to life. We start by taking your existing content and populate your new modern website. We add lots of photos, update any text, include quotes for highlights, add galleries, maps, contact pages, forms, and anything else that is needed.

Once your site is looking amazing we will do a final run through before officially launching your site. Once launched you'll enter into a maintenance mode to help keep your site fresh, or we can even train you to maintain your own site through the powerful CMS we build in. 


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